Read what clients from past to present have to say about Mayhem Web Design.


Joe Rozycki

When deciding to launch my site, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone with expertise, patience, and an incredibly creative mind. That is exactly what I got with Mayhem Web Design. They were with me every step of the way, molding the dream in my mind into reality. They were in constant communication, provided great insight and ideas to make my site unique, and responded to every request or crazy idea that I had with an open mind. Having launched other sites in the past, the feeling of anxiety while preparing is inevitable. However, knowing that I had Mayhem Web Design in my corner made it an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Joe R.

Website Owner

Justin Boyd

As an extreme novice to web design, I relied heavily on Matt’s ability. Matt exceeded my expectations with both design and implementation. Matt has my trust and I would highly recommend Mayhem Web Design to anyone I care about.

Justin B.

Website Owner

Robbie Cozad

Working in web design for over 10 years, and spending the last 2 working for a Fortune 100 company as a Web Design Analyst, I have worked with quite a few designers, admins, and analysts. But there are still few I trust more than Matt at Mayhem Web Design. Whether it’s help with some graphics in Photoshop or troubleshooting a web layout in HTML and CSS, I value the insight and honesty that Matt provides. We have worked on several projects together over the years with both him assisting on my projects and myself assisting on his. He is easy to work with and always prompt to reply.

I have found Matt to be someone who wants to learn what the problem is from a customer so that he can create a thorough solution. He is someone that can work the process from start to finish including domain names, hosting, design, artwork, layout, coding, and upkeep. I am 100% confident in Matt and his abilities and would recommend him to anyone.

Robbie C.

Web Designer

Kevin Jordan

I have owned four websites now, and Matt has tirelessly been there to help set up all of them. Each time he helped me set up one of the websites, he would rewrite the CSS Code along with creating new HTML Code as well. Something I know very little about.

He was there not only until the setup was completed, but also after with any graphics, and HTML help that I needed. Every site we completed turned out to be very professional looking and ran as smoothly as a pocket watch. It was really what was going on in the background that you couldn’t see, and that was Matt’s work.

I have always found him to be very knowledgeable, and professional, with the determination to get the job done right the first time no matter how long it took. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Kevin J.

Website Owner