Welcome to Mayhem Web Design.  My name is Matt, I have been working on websites and graphics since I was probably 14.  Its a hobby for me, I don’t do it as a full-time job or anything.  I have learned everything I know, by just doing it.  It’s all self-taught or taught from friends of mine who are actually in the field and its something that I enjoy doing and is fun for me.  I have worked with all sorts of different platforms……anything from straight HTML and CSS for websites to dealing with HTML and CSS for forums and message boards to WordPress themes.

I have built sites from scratch and have also done complete rebuilds of website templates that you can either purchase or download for free.  I think most designers would rather build from scratch, but I seem to like to rebuild from templates more.  Reason being, I don’t have to focus as much on the actual site….as the site is already there and just allows me to focus more on the creativeness on just the look and styling of the site.  I know, that probably sounds goofy.  But, I would rather work with a template and rebuild it to fit the person or company that it is being done for.  Sure, its more work doing it that way….but, I like the challenge of it.

I also loved designing skins/themes for forums/message boards, though I don’t really do that anymore as nobody really uses forums/message boards nowadays.  I really like working with IPB Final 1.3.  Yes, I know…..that is super old school.  I’m sure you’re thinking….”get with the times, man!”  I have worked with other forum softwares like IPB 3.x, phpBB, etc.  But, I like dealing with IPB Final 1.3 the most.  Probably because it is what I used myself for so many years.

Anyway, I hope that gives you little insight to me and my design styles I guess, you could call it.  Look around and enjoy the site, check out some of my work.